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This issue contains a wide variety of information about recent performances, articles on aspects of Bruckner's works and their reception, and news of current and future events which will be of interest to Brucknerians. 

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The Bruckner Journal is published three times a year, in March, July and November - since 1997 - and is available by subscription only.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for Brucknerians to meet together in pleasant surroundings, hear papers from leading scholars in the field and from other Bruckner enthusiasts. As with the Journal itself, non-academic music lovers need not be intimidated and can be sure they will find a friendly welcome and much to enjoy, to think about and discuss.

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The Bruckner Anniversay in Austra Andrea Harrandt

Bruckner Propositions (I) Constantin Floros

A Visit to St. Florian Elizabeth Thompson

International Conference: "Perspectives on Anton Bruckner 2" Crawford Howie

Centenary Events in Brief; Austrian Music Journal


Reflections on the Student Symphony Raymond Cox

Bruckner Propositions (II) Constantin Floros

"A Famous Alpinist" - A Memoir August Stradal

Internations Conference: Berlin Christa Brüstle

Church Music Celebration in Mainz Hartmut Krones

Vol. 1/3

Bruckner Propositions (III) Constantin Floros

Requiem in D Minor Crawford Howie

Performing Bruckner's String Quintet Alan George


Vol. 2/1

From the Inside Elizabeth Neville

Memoir: Bruckner in Linz Ferdinand Krackowizer

Lux in Tenebris: Bruckner and the Dialectic of Darkness and Light Derek Scott

Vol. 2/2

Reflections on the Symphonies Raymond Cox

Bruckner and Schubert Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Lux in Tenebris (II) Derek Scott

Vol. 2/3

Bruckner Correspondence: Sämtliche Werke 24/1 Crawford Howie

Score: Ninth Completed Peter Palmer

Lovro von Matacic: An Appreciation Nigel Simeone

Bruckner Memoirs: Two Nocturnes translated Peter Palmer

Lux in Tenebris (III) Derek Scott


Vol. 3/1

Interview: Robert Bachmann Duncan Hadfield

Viewpoint: Franz Schalk's Fifth Robert Wardell

Bruckner Conference in Nottingham

Bruckner's Plan for the Dedications of His Last Symphonies Otto Biba

Memoir: A Stern Taskmaster Emile Jacques

Joseph Braunstein (1892-1996): A Voice from the Brucknerian Past Ben Korstvedt

Lux in Tenebris (conclusion) Derek Scott

Vol. 3/2

An "Unfinished" Symposium and Bruckner Premiere in Holland Cornelis van Zwol

The Bruckner Conference, Nottingham Robert McColley

Jascha Horenstein (1898-1973): A Great Bruckner Interpreter Mark Audus

Joseph Braunstein (conclusion) Ben Kostvedt

Farewell to "Chord and Discord"

Bruckner Letters (1868) Crawford Howie

Vol. 3/3

Preview: Matthias Bambert Peter Palmer

Viewpoint: Bruckner's Third Symphony, 1889 Version Jeremy Wilkinson

Book: Celibidache, Klaus Umbach Peter Palmer

Scores: Symphony 9, Scherzo/Trio (Cohrs) & Organ Works Crawford Howie

Reflections on the Symphonies Raymond Cox

Bruckner as a Song Composer Angela Pachovsky

Bruckner Letters (1868): Part II Crawford Howie

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