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This issue contains a wide variety of information about recent performances, articles on aspects of Bruckner's works and their reception, and news of current and future events which will be of interest to Brucknerians. 

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The Bruckner Journal is published three times a year, in March, July and November - since 1997 - and is available by subscription only.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for Brucknerians to meet together in pleasant surroundings, hear papers from leading scholars in the field and from other Bruckner enthusiasts. As with the Journal itself, non-academic music lovers need not be intimidated and can be sure they will find a friendly welcome and much to enjoy, to think about and discuss.

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Vol. 10/1

Book: Bruckner - Persönlichkeit und Werk, Constantin Floros Peter Palmer

Book: Bruckner-Symposion Linz 2002, Partsch Crawford Howie

The 1888 Version of Bruckner's Fourth Symphony Benjamin Kostvedt

An Unknown Bruckner Version, Eighth Intermediate Adagio Dermot Gault

In Search of the Brucknerian Landscape Ken Ward

Bruckner-Tagung Stfit St. Florian 2005 Crawford Howie

Brucknerfest Linz 2005 Franz Zamazal

Vol. 10/2

Bruckner in a New Perspective Constantin Floros

Doing Justice to Bruckner Jacques Roelands

Code Cracked! Bruckner's Ninth Completion PeterJan Marthê

Discovering Bruckner in the 70's David Bate

Transcription: Comparing Bruckner 8th Versions, Deryck Cooke RJ Humphries

Vol. 10/3

Thematic and Tonal Unity in Bruckner's Eighth Symphony Paul Dawson-Bowling

Bruckner in the Academy Raymond J. Rice


Vol. 11/1

Linz Brucknerfest 2006 Franz Zamazal

Takashi Asahina's Bruckner Neil Schore

Symphonisches Präludium Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Thematic and Tonal Unity in Bruckner's Eighth Paul Dawson-Bowling

Johann Herbeck and Anton Bruckner Crawford Howie

The Ninth Symphony Finale News Ken Ward

Bruckner Fever Hartwig Molzow

Vol. 11/2

Interview: Simon Rattle on Bruckner Zen Edwards

Music and Mystical Experience: "Endereignis" of IX/i Erling Gulbandsen

Mystery in the Music of Anton Bruckner Crawford Howie

Genius of Naïvety Hans Keller

Vol. 11/3

BrucknerTage 2007 Ken Ward

Bruckner and the Myth of Otherness Julian Horton

Bruckner's Last Words William Carragan

Bruckner at Edinburgh: Interview with Sir Brian McMaster Alan Munro

How I Discovered Bruckner John Georgiadis


Vol. 12/1

Recorded History of Bruckner's Fourth Howard Jones

Artwork for Recordings of Bruckner's Fourth Ken Ward

Book: Bruckner-IkonographieTeil 3: 1947-2006, ed Grasberger Crawford Howie

Book: Bruckner Jahrbuch 2001-05, ed Partsch Crawford Howie

Anton Bruckner, St Florian and Contrapuntal Tradition Paul Hawkshaw

Early Compositional History of Bruckner's Fourth Symphony: Interim report

     Benjamin Korstvedt

Interview: Daniel Harding Ken Ward

Interview: Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs Ken Ward

Vol. 12/2

Interview: Stanisław Skrowaczewski Alan Munro

Bruckner Symphony  No. 9...Fourth Movt Florence Bishop

Music and Mysticism In the Weimar Republic:The Case of Anton Bruckner and

     Erich Schwebsch Nicholas Attfield

On Bruckner's Sixth Symphony Ian Beresford Gleaves

Guiseppe Sinopoli: A Survey of his Bruckner Performances (1983-99) Martin


The Mystery of the "Gerd Rubahn"  Symphony No. 3 John Berky

Vol. 12/3

2008 Lucerne Summer Festival Albert Bolliger

Book: Bruckner Vorträge 2006 Bericht - Anton Bruckner: Die Geistliche Musik,

     ed. Boss Crawford Howie

Bruckner, Mahler and the Piano-Duet Arrangement of Bruckner's Third

     Symphony Crawford Howie

Seven Types of Mystery Ken Ward

The Dissolution of Mysticism in Bruckner's Fifth Symphony Raymond Cox

"There is no compromise with Bruckner" Philippe Herreweghe

Edition Confusion Even Among The Publishers! John Berky

2008 Bruckner Marathon, Carlsbad CA Neil Schore

A Bruckner Marathon in the Midlands, UK Ken Ward & Stephen Pearsall

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N.B. Every issue contains numerous media and concert reviews not listed here


Vol. 13/1

2008 Linz Bruckner Festival Franz Zamazal

Book: Bruckner-Symposion Linz 2004: ‘Kunst und Wahrheit’, ed.

     Antonicek/Lindner/Petermayr Crawford Howie

Book: Studien & Berichte, Mitteilungblatt 71 Crawford Howie

Book: The Wagner Tuba -  A History, by William Melton Howard Jones

Anton Bruckner's Second Symphony: Versions, Variants and their Critical

     Editions Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Poem: The Conceit of Censorship Charles Wright

Some Notes on Editing Bruckner's Second Symphony William Carragan

Reflections on Tempo in Bruckner's Symphonies Nicolas Couton

My Completion of the Finale of Bruckner's Ninth Symphony Sébastien Letocart

Symphony No. 5: Original Concepts (1876) Takanobu Kawasaki & Dermot Gault

Vol. 13/2

Report: 6th Biennial Readers Conference, Hertford Geoffrey Hosking

Bruckner's Eighth Symphony: Some Editorial Issues Paul Hawkshaw

Obit: Charles Eble

Recapitulation Issues in Bruckner's Symphonies EbbeTørring

Bruckner, Rued Langaard, & Last Things Peter Palmer

Anton Bruckner's Second Symphony: Versions, Variants and their Critical

     Editions - editorial correction and additional note Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

A Bruckner Festival: London 1964 Bryan Fairfax

Notes on Anton bruckner's Third Symphony. 1877 Version William Carragan

What am I bid for Bruckner? Ken Ward

Poem: Bruckner's Ninth John Hudson

Vol. 13/3

In Memoriam: John Wright Ken Ward

2009 St Florian BrucknerTage Stephen Pearsall

Notes on Bruckner's Fifth Symphony, CD Performance Aikra Naito

Bruckner's Fifth Symphony (Original Concepts) Takanobu Kawasaki

Review: Sébastien Letocart's Realization of the Finale of Bruckner's Ninth

     Symphony Jacques Roelands

The raison d’être for Bruckner’s Symphony No. 8 Ken Ward

A History of Commercial Recording of Bruckner's 8th Symphony Howard Jones

Times Structure Tables for Bruckner's Symphonies: Symphony No. 1 William


11th Annual Bruckner Marathon, Carlsbad CA Neil Schore

1st East Coast Brucknerathon, Simsbury CT Sol Siegel

Portrait: "Bruckner's 7th Symphony as Landscape" Edwina Broadbent

Poem: The D Minor, Third Verson, Nowak Sergeant Rock

Report: Bruckner Study Day, London UK Ken Ward


Vol. 14/1

Report: Linz Bruckner Festival 2009 Franz Zamazal

Report: Bruckner at Lucerne Summer Festival 2009 Albert Bolliger

Symphonisches Präludium Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Preparation for the Public: The Importance of Piano Transcriptions of Bruckner's

     Music Andrea Harrandt

Prometheus Unbound or Reappraising the "Programme" for Bruckner's Eighth

     Symphony Nick Attfield

Bruckner & Langaard Ebbe Tørring

Book: Briefe 1852-86, ed. Harrandt Crawford Howie

Timed Structure Tables for Bruckner Symphonies: Symphony No. 2 (1872)

     William Caragan

Response: Sébastien Letocart's Realization of the Finale of Bruckner's Ninth

     Symphony Sébastien Letocart

A Vision of Bruckner Lawrence Tomlinson

Vol. 14/2

Lucerne Easter Festival Albert Bolliger

A Historical Overview of the Recordings of Mass No. 2 in E minor, Part 1 Hans


Book: Music and Monumentality. Commemoration and Wonderment in

     Nineteenth-Century Germany, by Alexander Rehding Crawford Howie

Low Brass Instruments and Pitch in Vienna after 1862 Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Bruckner's Hymnal William Carragan

Timed Structure Tables for Bruckner Symphonies: Symphony No. 3 William


Martin Scherber (1907-74) Friedwart Kurras

Report: A Bruckner Appreciation Evening in Malta Martin Spiteri

The Good, the Strange, and the Not So Good Jerome Curran

Vol. 14/3

Lucerne Summer Festival 2010 Albert Bolliger

Excerpt: “A Raging Calm”, a novel by Stan Barstow

On the Harmonic Idiom of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony Julian Horton

A Historical Overview of the Recordings of Mass No. 2 in E minor, Part 2 Hans


Bruckner Minatures David Singerman

12th Annual West Coast Bruckner Marathon Ramón Khalona, David Griegel

2nd Annual East Coast Brucknerathon Sol Siegel

Bruckner at The Proms Crawford Howie