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This issue contains a wide variety of information about recent performances, articles on aspects of Bruckner's works and their reception, and news of current and future events which will be of interest to Brucknerians. 

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The Bruckner Journal is published three times a year, in March, July and November - since 1997 - and is available by subscription only.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for Brucknerians to meet together in pleasant surroundings, hear papers from leading scholars in the field and from other Bruckner enthusiasts. As with the Journal itself, non-academic music lovers need not be intimidated and can be sure they will find a friendly welcome and much to enjoy, to think about and discuss.

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Vol. 15/1

Anton Bruckner - Music of the Saint Florian Period David Aldeborgh

Bruckner’s Will – Clause 4 and its implications Ken Ward

Bruckner and the Legacy of the National Socialists’ Propaganda John Berky

“The Senso Symphony” - Visconti and Bruckner Ken Ward    

Timed Structure Tables for Bruckner Symphonies -  No.4  William Carragan

Bruckner Symphony No. 8 “Renewal Version” ed. Takanobu Kawasaki 

How I Disovered Bruckner Malcolm Hatfield

Claudio Abbado’s young persons’ orchestra swept away my Bruckner-phobia

     Richard Eyre   


Vol. 15/2

Changing Times for Bruckner’s Fifth Raymond Cox

Counterpoint and Form in the Finale of Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony Julian Horton

Bruckner’s Dissertation - Remarks on the Finale of the Fifth William Carragan

Timed Structure Tables - Symphony No. 5 William Carragan

Bruckner Cycle in Santo André, Brazil

Book: The New Bruckner, Dermot Gault Crawford Howie  

Book: Out of Time, Tanya Tintner Ken Ward


Vol. 15/3

Bruckner’s Sonata Form Terminology in Sketches for the Finale of the Eighth

     Symphony Paul Hawkshaw

Constructing the “Bruckner Problem” Benjamin Korstvedt

Bruckner’s Vienna in the 1870s and 1880s Andrea Harrandt

Interview: Mario Venzago Sébastien Letocart & Nicolas Couton

Timed Structure Tables - Symphony No. 6 William Carragan

Book: Bruckner.The Man and the Work, Constantin Floros Crawford Howie and

     Malcolm Hatfield


Vol. 16/1

The First Forty Years: The Early Music of Anton Bruckner David Singerman

Listen Without Prejudice Tom Service

Bruckner and Elgar: A Comparative Sketch Martin Pulbrook

Toward a Theory of Coherence: Compositional Use of the Turn Eric Lai

Book: Anton Bruckner'\s Wiener Jahre Crawford Howie

Two Bruckner Marathons: USA East & West Coast, 2010 Neil Schore

Vol. 16/2

First Hearing a Bruckner Symphony Simon E. Spero

Bruckner, Mahler, and Anti-Semitism Ken Ward

On the Track of Bruckner's "Railway Obsession" Ken Ward

An Unfinished, and Very Imperfect Dialogue: S-P-C-M Ninth Completion John


Bruckner's String Quartet and Quintet: Context, Performance, Recording Alan


String Quintet in F Major: A Survey of Recordings Hans Roelofs

Timed Structure Tables: Bruckner's Quintet William Carragan

Book: Anton Bruckner: The String Quintet/Studies, Torsten Blaich Crawford


Book: Simon Schecter's Fundamental-Bass Theory Frederick Stocken

Vol. 16/3

A Bruckner Odyssey: Sir Simon Rattle Talks About the Four-Movement Ninth

     Aart van der Wal

Versions and Editions: Deryck Cooke's Contribution Clarified, Part 1 Dermot


Is Schecter "echter"? Frederick Stocken

Book: Bruckner-Jahrbuch 2006-10, Antonicek/Lindner/Petermayr Crawford


Book: Bruckner: Leven en werken, van Zwol Bert Brouwer, Ken Ward

Timed Structure Tables: Symphony 7 William Carragan

Two Bruckner Marathons: USA East & West Coast, 2011 Neil Schore


Vol. 17/1

Anton Bruckner: A Non-Pathological View on his Personality and Implications for

     his Approach to the Task of Composing Malcolm Hatfield

Versions and Editions: Deryck Cooke’s Contribution Clarified, Part 2 Dermot


Eckstein, Steiner - and Bruckner Raymond Cox

Bruckner on the Terraces Raymond Cox

Book: Seeking the Infinite: The Musical Life of Stanisław Skrowaczewski, by

     Frederick Edward Harris Jr Ken ward

Book: The Wind and Wind-Chorus Music of Anton Bruckner, by Keith William

     Kidner David Singerman

Vol. 17/2

Report: 8th Biennial Readers Conference, Hertford Ken Ward

Chorale as Texture in Symphonic Music Brian Newbould

On the Circumstances Surrounding Loss of Bifolios from the Finale of

     Bruckner's Ninth Symphony  Edwin Banta

Reflections on the Reconstruction of the Coda for the Final Movement of Anton

     Bruckner’s 9th Symphony Joan Schukking

Anton Bruckner: Re-Defining our Image of the Composer John Berky

Report: Arts in Residence: Weekend Course on Bruckner & Mahler 9th

     Symphonies Raymond Cox

“Bruckner has the last laugh over spiteful sniggerers” Damian Thompson

Timed Structure Tables for Bruckner Symphonies: Symphony No. 8 William


Poem: "If I were to play trombone in a Bruckner symphony..." Kenneth Woods

Die Herrgotts-Symphonie [God’s Symphony]: A Bruckner novel by Robert

     Hohlbaum (1925) trans. Ken Ward

Vol. 17/3

“Consult with your friends, with Schalk": More Questions and Answers from

     Sources for the Eighth Symphony Paul Hawkshaw

Bruckner: A Compromised Composer? Abram Chipman

What Happened to the Sixth? A Comparative Study of the First Edition and the

     Collected Edition of Bruckner’s Sixth Symphony Louis Cameron Lohraseb

Poem: "May 1945" Peter Porter

Bruckner at Lucerne Summer Festival, 2013 Albert Bolliger

The Editor's Bruckner Summer Ken Ward

Timed Structure Tables for Bruckner Symphonies: Symphony No. 9 William



Vol. 18/1

Bruckner and Wagner: Relationship of Two Contrary Personalities Andrea Harrandt

Levi's Rejection of the Eighth and its Impact on Bruckner the Man and his Attitude

     to his Work and Life Malcom Hatfield

Book: The Power of Robert Simpson, Macauley Dermot Gault

Two Bruckner Marathons: USA East & West Coast, 2013 Neil Schore

Timed Structure Tables: Symphony in D Minor & F Minor Willam Carragan

Vol. 18/2

Bruckner Ninth Finale: Alternate Approach Jacques Roelands

A Memorable Beginning: On the New Edition, First Symphony Thomas Röder

Returning to the Vienna Edition of the First Symphony Benjamin Korstvedt

Bruckner Edition Wien: Interview with Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Bruckner and teh "Dresden Amen" Crawford Howie

Gratitude, Respect and Appreciation after 140 Years Klaus Laczika

Timed Structure Tables: Symphony No. 4 "Volksfest" Finale Willam Carragan

My Bruckner Solution Timmy Brown

A Farewell to Life Lawrence K. Tomlinson

Vol. 18/3

Bad Kreuzen: Speculation and No End Eva Marx

Early Days in the the Steyr (Upper Austria) Erich Wolfgang Partsch

Book: Sämtilche Werke  zu Band 8, ed. Hawkshaw Dermot Gault

Book: Bruckner and the Generalbass Tradition, Chapman Crawford Howie

Bruckner, the Miniturist David Singerman

Two Bruckner Marathons: USA East & West Coast, 2014 Neil Schore

St. Florian BrucknerTage 2014 Martin Pulbrook


Vol. 19/1

In Memoriam: Peter Palmer Ken Ward & Albert Bolliger

In Memoriam: Otto Erich Partsch Paul Hawkshaw

Anton Bruckner and the Vienna Philharmonic Clemens Hellsberg

The Page-Turner and the "Stammering Cyclops" Keith Gifford

Private Bruckner The Composer in the Years Around 1870 Franz Scheder

How Tall Was Bruckner? Ken Ward

Has Bruckner's Time Come, and Why Now? Abram Chipman

The Mystical Genius of Anton Bruckner Ken Ward

Vol. 19/2

Report: 9th Biennial Readers Conference, Hertford Ken Ward

Obit: Franz Zamazal Ken Ward

Report: Bruckner Conference, Kremsmünster Klaus Petermayr

Interpretative Traps in Bruckner William Carragan

Comment: Handwritten Parts of bruckner's Sixth Rediscovered Benjamin-Gunnar


Comment: Bruckner's Fifth Symphony (Original Concepts), ed. Takanobu

     Kawasaki Ken Ward

Interview: Martin Majkut Richard Lenhert

Vol. 19/3

Piano Music of Bruckner: Context and Overview Klaus Petermayr

Anton Bruckner - Holy Minimalist James McCullough

Why the Finale of the Ninth Works John Leonard

Sibelius & Bruckner - Kindred Spirits Peter Frankland

Two Commetaries: God or Mountains -  Bruckner & Delius Wilfred Mellers

Bruckner at 2015 Lucerne Festival Albert Bolliger

Review: Die Bruckner-Bestände des Stiftes St Florian, ed. Maier/Grasberger

     Crawford Howie

The Least Popular Bruckner Symphony Becomes the Most Popular Akira Naito

2015 Bruckner Tour of Austria Ken Ward

Bruckner Organ Transciptions Eberhard Klotz

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