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This issue contains a wide variety of information about recent performances, articles on aspects of Bruckner's works and their reception, and news of current and future events which will be of interest to Brucknerians. 

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The Bruckner Journal is published three times a year, in March, July and November - since 1997 - and is available by subscription only.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for Brucknerians to meet together in pleasant surroundings, hear papers from leading scholars in the field and from other Bruckner enthusiasts. As with the Journal itself, non-academic music lovers need not be intimidated and can be sure they will find a friendly welcome and much to enjoy, to think about and discuss.

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Vol. 20/1

Attempts at Improving the Score – Schalk, Löwe and the First Symphony

     Thomas Röder

A Document from the Early History of the Fourth Symphony

     Benjamin Korstvedt

The Twilight of the Classical Gods Max Graf

The Case for Bruckner Winthrop Sargeant

Dramatic Symphonic Poem for Large Orchestra and Organ

     in Memory of Anton Bruckner Can Atilla

Historical Focus at USA Bruckner Marathons Neil Schore

Arts in Residence: Bruckner & Mahler at Hitchin Priory Raymond Cox

Vol. 20/2

Secret Confessions: Anton Bruckner’s Importance for Dimitri Shostakovich

     Johannes Leopold Mayer

Anton Bruckner's Sixth Symphony: The First Print Edition and the Premiere

     Conducted by Mahler Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs

Tempo Studies on Bruckner’s 6th and 8th Symphonies William Carragan

Bruckner: Mass in D minor – editorial work in progress Crawford Howie

Book: Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony - A Listener Guided Analysis, David B

     Greene Ken Ward

Vol. 20/3

Erich Eisner, an Early Champion of Bruckner in Latin America

     Miguel J. Ramirez

Bruckner’s Late Symphonies in Post-War Japan: A Synopsis Of Performance

     and Recording from 1948 to 2016 Marc Bridle

Editing Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony Dermot Gault

Gerd Schaller Comments On His New Bruckner Ninth Symphony Finale

     Completion  - Interview

St. Florian BrucknerTage Festival: August 14 – 20 2106 - Report Ken Ward,

     Michael Cucka

Lucerne Festival 2016: Primadonnas, Bruckner and a missed chance - Report

     Albert Boliger


Vol. 21/1

The Bruckner Brand: Part 1 William Carragan [Part 2 available here]

Bruckner for the Guitar Mateusz Łuczak [transcriptions available here]

Kilenyi Medal John Berky

USA Bruckner Marathons Neil Schore

Carnegie Hall Barenboim Bruckner Cycle Michael Cucka

Bruckner at the Proms David Singerman

Vol. 21/2

Bruckner in a Digital Age Michael Cucka

Stanisław Skrowaczewski: A Tribute

Report: TBJ 10th Biennial Readers Conference Michael Cucka

Bruckner in England Andrea Harrandt

Bruckner Songs Crawford Howie

80 Years of the Bruckner Second William Carragan [author's podcast here]

Perspective: Carnegie Hall Bruckner Cycle Vishnu Bachani

Vol. 21/3

Anton Bruckner-Lexicon online Christian Fastl [ABLO here]

Snowflake and Hailstorm Paul Hawkshaw [full-resolution images here]

Path to Homeric Seas Benjamin Korstvedt [online version here]

Bruckner Problem: Asian Refraction Thng Yi Ren

Bruckner’s Character Malcolm Hatfield

BrucknerTage 2017

Crossword Puzzle Solution here


Vol. 22/1

2018 Readers Poll

150 Years Later: Another Look at Simon Sechter's Legacy Miguel J. Ramirez

Early Illusions to Wagner's Music in Bruckner's First Symphony Thomas Röder

Clemens Krauss as Bruckner Interpreter Eric Lai

Bruckner from Unfamiliar Sources at USA Marathons Neil Schore

Vol. 22/2

2018 Readers Poll: Winners

The Evolution of Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony: Part 2 Dermot Gault

Helgoland: Another Bruckner Enigma? Malcolm Hatfield

Love and Hate Around Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony David Singerman

Bruckner’s Clavichords Garry Broughton

Anton Bruckner UrtextComplete Edition: Preliminary Remarks Michael Cucka

Vol. 22/3

RIP: Dr. Paul Coones Ken Ward

Problems of Form in the Finale of Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony Julian Horton

The “Naiveté” of Bruckner? On Isaiah Berlin’s Appraisal of Bruckner

     Yi Ren Thng

BruckerTage 2018 Ken Ward, Michael Cucka

A Prayer & A Poem

Anton Bruckner, 11 Symphonies: The Red Book William Carragan

     [available for order: here - futher information: here]

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N.B. Every issue contains numerous media and concert reviews not listed here


Vol. 24/1

Readers Poll: Choral Music

2021 Readers Conference

What Is A Version?…And What Difference Does It Make? Benjamin Korstvedt

Bruckner As Improviser Thomas Röder

East/West Bruckner Marathons Neil Schore

Vol. 24/2

Readers Poll: Choral Music

2021 Readers Conference

The Origin's of Bruckner's Adagio-Form Felix Diergarten

Bruckner and COVID-19 Crawford Howie

The Essence of Anton Bruckner S David Sandercock

Bruckner, Mahler and Anti-Semitism: A Postscript Ken Ward

Vol. 24/3

ANOUNCEMENT: 2021 Readers Conference Cancelled

Anton Bruckner: A Documentary Biography – Chapter 1 (2020 revision)

     Crawford Howie

Brucknertage 2020: A Report Lydia Zachbauer, Matthias Giesen & Klaus


Bruckner Under the Tarnhelm Ken Ward

History of the Bruckner Society of America and Chord and Discord

     Benjamin Korstvedt


Vol. 23/1

A New Version of the Third Symphony William Carragan

Notes About the Finale of the Ninth Symphony Roberto Ferrazza

     [high resolution images of SKETCH in ÖNB, Mus. Hs. 6085 / 43r here]

Milestone Bruckner Marathons in the US Neil Schore

An Encounter with Bruckner... (concerning Artur Schnabel) - submitted by

     Dermot Gault

Bruckner in a Digital Age – Part 2 Michael Cucka

Vol. 23/2

Curious Case of Convergent Evolution William Carragan

Bruckner's First Year in Vienna 1868/69: Musical Life in an Expanding City

     Andrea Harrandt

Either/Or – The Aesthetic and the Ethical Approach to Listening To Bruckner's

     Symphonic Music Ken Ward

2019 TBJ Readers Conference: A Report Michael Cucka

Vol. 23/3

Wagner and the Early History of the Seventh Symphony Paul Hawkshaw

Beethoven, Bruckner and his “Finale” Problem Malcolm Hatfield

Bruckner, The Teacher David Singerman

Conduct Like Celibidache? Thng Yi Ren

Bruckner Thoughts Tom Empson

2019 BrucknerTage: Reports Ken Ward & Michael Cucka