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This issue contains a wide variety of information about recent performances, articles on aspects of Bruckner's works and their reception, and news of current and future events which will be of interest to Brucknerians. 

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The Bruckner Journal is published three times a year, in March, July and November - since 1997 - and is available by subscription only.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for Brucknerians to meet together in pleasant surroundings, hear papers from leading scholars in the field and from other Bruckner enthusiasts. As with the Journal itself, non-academic music lovers need not be intimidated and can be sure they will find a friendly welcome and much to enjoy, to think about and discuss.

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Vol. 25/1

RIP: Dr. Keith Gifford, 1955-2021

Let's Dance the Polka! William Carragan

Formal Challenges in the Adagio of Bruckner's Ninth Eric Lai

“For Later Times”: A Bruckner Film for the Bicentenial Miguel J Ramirez

An Unusual Year: But Bruckner Marathons Go On! Neil Schore

Interview: Gerd Schaller

Vol. 25/2

Bruckner – A Simple Man but a Great Composer Andrea Harrandt

William Tappert Out of the Shadows Felix Diergarten

Anton Bruckner Documentary Biography – Chapter 2: Bruckner's Apprentice

     Years at St. Florian (1845-55) Crawford Howie

Vol. 25/3

“He Had Seen Days Of Glory”: Emil Lamberg and the Story of a Bruckner

     Reminiscence Miguel J. Ramirez

Anton Bruckner Documentary Biography – Chapter 3: Bruckner in Linz:

     Growing Maturity (1856-1868) Crawford Howie

Brucknertage 2021 & Bruckner's Fourth Michael Cucka

Book Review: Anton Bruckner: Eleven Symphonies, by William Carragan

     Ken Ward

East Coast Brucknerathon 2021: A Report Sol Siegel

Bruckner Meets Electone Takanobu Kawasaki

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Vol. 27/1

2023 Readers Conference: Presenters & Registration

In memoriam… Dietmar Achenbach

Felix Maria Gatz: A Forgotten Bruckner Pioneer John F Berky

Mystery in the Music of Anton Bruckner Crawford Howie

How it all began. Anton Bruckner in St. Florian Klaus Heinrich Kohrs

USA Bruckner Marathons Reconvene in Person! Neil Schore

Bruckner Documentary Biography – Chapter 6: Bruckner in Vienna:

     The Final Years (1888-1896) Crawford Howie

Vol. 27/2

Vol. 27/3


Vol. 26/1

Announced: 12th Readers Conference

In memoriam… Bernard Haitink

Letters to the Editor

How Should It Go? Ken Ward

The New Bruckner Complete Edition Paul Hawkshaw

“…I take refuge in strength…” Andrea Harrandt

Bruckner and Vöcklabruck John Berky

Pivotal Points in Bruckner Symphonies Malcolm Hatfield

Anton Bruckner Documentary Biography – Chapter 4: Vienna (1868-77)

     Crawford Howie

US Bruckner Marathons Neil Schore

Vol. 26/2

In memoriam...

     Kenneth “Ken” A. Jacobson, Abram “Chip” Chipman, David Cheepen

Anton Bruckner Meets Franz Schubert Alan George

Bruckner in Iceland Fidel Atli Quintero Gasparsson

Bruckner Documentary Biography – Chapter 5: Bruckner in Vienna: The

     Second Ten Years (1878-1887) Crawford Howie

Vol. 26/3

2023 Readers Conference: Presenters & Registration

Bruckner Society of America – Recording of the Year Award

“SPCM” Finale of Bruckner's Ninth Redux: Revision 2021–2022

     John A Phillips

Notes and Suggestions for a Possible Performance of Bruckner's Eighth

     Symphony William Zucker

A Quick Guide to Identifying the Different Bruckner Versions and Editions

     John F Berky