The 2017 Tenth Biennial Readers Conference

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This issue contains a wide variety of information about recent performances, articles on aspects of Bruckner's works and their reception, and news of current and future events which will be of interest to Brucknerians. 

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Hertford College, University of Oxford: evening Friday 31 March - all day Saturday 1 April 2017

Friday 31 March

Ken Ward:  Retiring Remarks - with presentation of gifts of gratitude to Ken Ward and Raymond Cox

Malcolm Hatfield: Towards a New Progressive Analytic Desciption of Bruckner's Character

Benjamin Korstvedt: The Path to the "Homeric Seas": A New Aspect of Bruckner's Style, c. 1880


Saturday 1 April

Andrea Harrandt: "Herr Bruckner is evidently not a Samson on the Organ." A Journey to London and Bruckner's relationship with England

Julian Horton: The Finale of Bruckner's Seventh Symphony and the Problem of the Reversed Recapitulation

Paul Hawkshaw: "Between a Snowflake and a Hailstorm". Thoughts on Bruckner's Accent and Staccato Markings

Miguel Ramirez: "This is the rule. Of course, I don't compose that way": Bruckner, Sechter and the Theory/Practice Dichotomy

Thomas Röder: Early Allusions to Wagner's Music in Bruckner's First Symphony

Eric Lai: Clemens Krauss as Bruckner Interpreter

William Carragan: The Bruckner Brand, Part 2: The Five-Part Song Form [read by Ben Korstvedt]

Crawford Howie: Bruckner's Songs: A Pathway to discovering his own Voice as a Composer


Saturday evening concert in Hertford College Chapel

Bruckner songs:

Im April


Wie bist du, Frühling, gut und treu

Der Mondabend


Mein Herz und deine Stimme


Bruckner piano piece: Fantasie

Schubert piano pieces: Moments Musicaux, D 780 nos. 3, 5 and 6

Schumann song: Meine Rose, Op. 90 no. 2

Schubert songs: Wohin? and Neugierige, nos. 2 and 6 from Die schöne Müllerin D 795

An die Musik D 547

Raymond Armstrong  (tenor) and Crawford Howie (piano)


Conference ended with a post-concert reception, courtesy Dr. Paul Coones and Ken Ward

Hertford College from the front on Catte Street

Hertford Bridge, "The Bridge of Sighs", joining the two parts of Hertford College


Ken Ward giving his farewell comments to the audience after 12 years as editor of the Journal

Malcolm Hatfield

Benjamin Korstvedt

Andrea Harrandt

Julian Horton

Paul Hawkshaw

Miguel Ramirez

Thomas Röder

Eric Lai

Crawford Howie

Evening Chapel Concert

Raymond Armstrong performing Bruckner songs

Raymond Armstrong accompanied by Crawford Howie

Kilenyi Medal Presentation

Gerd Schaller (r) receives the Kilenyi Medal of Honor from the Bruckner Society of America - Benjamin Korstvedt, president (m) and John Berky, executive secretary (l)

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Hertford College