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Marshall Fine: Bruckner's Ninth Finale

1977-79 Master's Degree

Score - 200dpi

Score - 600dpi


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While studying for a master's degree at the University of Michigan, Marshall Fine prepared what is considered the earliest known attempt at a completion of the Finale for Bruckner's Ninth.

Constructed between 1977-79, the movement consists of 746mm and was limited in resources available to the then 22-year-old student. As described by Fine: “I used the Orel pastiche of 1934 exclusively as the basis; my task was to fill in the gaps to attain the right proportions”. In later correspondence, he acknowledged his work as “obsolescent”.

Originally provided to John Phillips and discussed in his own master's theses, the score came into the possession of Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs in 1990. Once thought lost, the score was recently found and has been provided by Mr. Cohrs to be shared with the public.

The score is available here – along with a diary compiled by Mr. Fine discussing his thoughts on the process.

An accomplished violinist/violist and composer, Mr. Fine went on to become a member of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and authored over 220 compositions. Tragically, he passed in 2014 as the result of a car accident at the age of 57.